Searching for Structures

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Today the class went for a walk around Balmertown in search of manmade and natural structures.  We did not find any natural structures such as bird’s nests but we did find many manmade structures. What a beautiful day for a structure search!


Groundhog Day!

groundhog day 2018

Happy Groundhog Day! Today we read that it has been predicted by Winnipeg Wyn, who is the closest groundhog to us, that we will have 6 more weeks of Winter! Most of us were wishing for Spring since it has been so cold.  We all had fun making these groundhogs and writing paragraphs about Groundhog Day.

Using Pictures to Infer

Today the grade three class looked at a few interesting pictures to make inferences about.  Inferencing is what readers do to help them understand what they are reading.  It is sometimes refered to as reading between the lines.  Students were asked to be detectives and look for clues in the pictures and their schema(knowledge they already have and their own experiences) to infer what is happening in the picture and possibly why it is happening.  They rotated around the room in pairs and wrote their inference on each picture.  They made great detectives.

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Recycled Door Decorating Contest

An Hour of Code

Today the grade 4\5 class helped us to learn about coding.  We went to the website  for the hour of code project and played some coding games.  The students designed their own Google logos, Minecraft games, along with many other games.  Coding is a skill used to build computer programs.  They problem solved, worked together and created!!  What great learning!

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Making Christmas Ornaments


The grade three class along with the grade 4\5 class worked together to make salt dough ormanents.  In the morning the grade 4\5 students mixed, cut and baked the dough into Christmas shapes.  There were snowmen, starts, reindeer, angels and santas.  After the dough was baked both classes painted the ornaments.  They will look lovely hanging on a tree.  Great job!!

Remembrance Day Ceremony


Another great Remembrance Day Ceremony at GLC today.  If you missed the grade 3’s reading the poem In Flanders Fields today check it out on our Facebook page.  Here is a link below:


GLC Facebook page


Harvest Lunch

Thank you to Mrs. St. Jean and all the parent volunteers for the fabulous lunch made with the vegetables grown in our school garden.  Delicious!!!

Sorting and Organizing Data

Today we worked in groups to sort and organize data collected from the lost and found.  We made categories and sorted the items under the the heading it fit.  We are working well together! 

First Day of Swimming

We had a great first day!  We can’t wait until next Tuesday!!!