Remembrance Day Ceremony


Another great Remembrance Day Ceremony at GLC today.  If you missed the grade 3’s reading the poem In Flanders Fields today check it out on our Facebook page.  Here is a link below:


GLC Facebook page



Harvest Lunch

Thank you to Mrs. St. Jean and all the parent volunteers for the fabulous lunch made with the vegetables grown in our school garden.  Delicious!!!

Sorting and Organizing Data

Today we worked in groups to sort and organize data collected from the lost and found.  We made categories and sorted the items under the the heading it fit.  We are working well together! 

First Day of Swimming

We had a great first day!  We can’t wait until next Tuesday!!!

Soil Scientists

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Yesterday the grade three class went to the outdoor classroom to search for different types of soil.  We found sandy soil and garden soil (humus, loam).  After we collected it we brought it inside to begin to investigate what it has in it, what it smells like, what it feels like and what happens to it when we add water to it.  Thank you to one of our class mates for bringing in clay soil for us to look at, as we could not find any around the school.  We will keep you updated on what we learn about soil as we continue to investigate.

Welcome to Grade 3!!

Welcome to another great year of learning and fun at GLC!  I am very excited to teach grade 3 this year and am hoping to meet all of you soon.  I will be adding posts to this blog letting you know what learning we are doing in the classroom as well as adding pictures.  Please continue to email me or write a note in the agenda if you need to get a message to me.

We are using the raz-kids app on the classroom iPads during center time.  If you have not already sent in a pair of head phones for your son or daughter could you please do so.  We will also be using the computers for both math and language sometimes as well.

Let the learning and excitement begin!

Happy Last Day!!!

Bye, Bye, Butterflies!!

Our class let the butterflies go today! The students all enjoyed taking them out of the net and watching the butterflies fly away!  Good luck butterflies!

Building Wooden Figures

The grade 2/3 class is working with the grade 8’s and Mrs.St. Jules to build wooden models. Can’t wait to see the final products!

Exciting Science!!!

The grade 2/3 class is engaged in some hands on learning about growth and change in plants(gr.3) and animals(gr.2).  Bean seeds and poppy seeds are planted and our butterfly larva are eating and growing.  We can’t wait to see what will happen next!